QRP wins Business Startup Award

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QRP wins Business Startup Award

QRP participated in a Business Model Canvas pitch competition with the Boom Startup Space-Tech competition.  We won the $2500 cash prize and the opportunity to move on to the national NewSpace competition later this year with the chance to win $100,000.

“I’m very grateful to Boom Startup for the chance to pitch and the guidance they’ve given.  I think that what we do at QRP has direct applicability to the commercial space industry and can have a big impact at getting us into space for lower cost,” said, Rob Smith, CEO and presenter for QRP.

Reducing the cost of space flight is directly related to lowering weight and reducing the size of components.  At QRP, we are passionate about radical size and weight savings by removing any material that isn’t adding value and combining multiple assembled parts into a single piece.  Our Additive Engineering skill can do the detailed analysis needed to synthesize a complex set of system requirements into an efficient end-use product.

“Another benefit to metal 3D printing is that these metal parts don’t outgas which is a problem for composite structures”, says Smith.  With additive manufacturing, you can replace exotic materials (having a negative connotation where high reliability is important) with advanced geometry.


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