Make innovation your reputation by exploring new geometry.


Know your specified needs will be verified.


Design for exactly what you need– nothing more.


Market feedback; Design feedback; Fail fast until you nail it.

QRP is a turnkey 3D metal printed part supplier
for performance-critical parts.  

We focus on high precision, shape/weight optimized, and requirements-driven applications.

Get faster feedback by validating markets, performing functional tests, and refining the production process through an iterative development approach.
Combine parts and simplify your designs to reduce recurring costs, rework, logistics, inventory, etc.
Topology Optimization: Take advantage of new geometric capabilities to get high strength, lightweight, small size, just-right designs.
Quicker feedback, iterative design, fewer parts, custom shapes, no tooling-- all lead to shortened development cycles.
Design costs go down as you simplify and focus more on the function than on how to fabricate. Recurring costs go down by planning for casting/stamping and leave the tooling costs until the design is mature. Inventory costs are reduced by printing just what you need, when you need it.
Most DMLS service bureaus want to take in an .stl file, spit out a cheap part-- done. You get whatever their machine can produce and that's that.
We are interested in building a long-term relationship with our customers. We provide a product that has been qualified, is shape/weight optimized, and/or is a low-volume production iteration.

What others are saying

…I wanted to introduce you both since Rob is the best in the additive business!!!!

Joyce Yeung, Marketing Director, Concept Laser

I received those parts.  They look fantastic.

Jay Jones, Project Engineer, Celling Biosciences

At last week’s … Expo I met a local metals printer that appears to be much more advanced than [the competing] operation.

Angie Tymofichuk, VP for Science Technology & Research, LSI

The tools turned out very nice and fit like a glove! … Excellent work!

Shane Taylor, Manufacturing Engineer

We just received the printed part in the mail and it looks great! Based on what we’re seeing, we will definitely be interested in working with QRP to have more parts printed.

Dr. Ashley D. Spear, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Utah

I received the parts yesterday, and you are right, they look awesome.

Richard J. Kana, Manager, Research & Development, Celling Biosciences

Parts came out perfect after heat treat.  Good work guys.

Eric Keeney, Head Engineer, Robinson Armament Co.

That’s real added value

Steve Moore, Engineering Manager, BioFire Diagnostics

Parts worked out well. We were able to show the working prototype to the customer earlier this week. The strength of the metal part is just awesome. We had no issues in places where plastic parts were bending. Thanks for the quick turnaround as well.

Kris Arnott, Mechanical Engineer, BioFire Defense

I routinely describe you as one of our very most enabling people in the company

Jared Campbell, Chief Technologist, RF/mechanical design, L-3 Communications

… [Rob] has excellent analytical and project visualization skills. He also has the ability to communicate ideas and concepts succinctly at any level within an organization… I can recommend Robert’s skills, professional work, and ethics with my highest degree of certainty.

Mark Lindsay, business development professional

I have always considered Rob to be one of the hardest working and most conscientious people I’ve ever known. I have tremendous respect for him.

Gabe Clark, General Counsel at Academica West

…not only an expert with his engineering skills but very caring.  …always thinking of better ways to accomplish the task at hand…  a tremendous depth of knowledge and always strives to effectuate quality in whatever he puts his mind to!!!

Adam Day, Day Violins

…a pleasure to work with and really took the time to understand what I wanted and then worked to tailor a design that would work for me. The structural reinforcements were designed not only to the highest safety standards but with my specific needs in mind.

Aaron Jolley, Program Manager

Easy to work with and very professional. Great at working through even the most difficult of design issues. I would give my highest recommendation.

Ryan Norton, Alumasteel Mfg. Inc.

Clients served

While most print bureaus will just send you a printed part, QRP will take the time to do pre and post processing to ensure all of your performance requirements are met.
QRP will help you identify where you can save schedule, money, or improve performance through 3D printing.
Your concepts can be initialized, fleshed out, and/or refined with our design, analysis and weight optimization tools.
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Feel Confident to Add Complexity

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QRP helps customers push the envelope of their capabilities through innovation and connecting them with the latest design strategies. We help customers qualify to their full suite of requirements. Our work is characterized by responsiveness, attention to detail and short lead times.

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